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Harry E. Mock, M.D. was the first Neurologist in Chicago practicing at St. Luke’s Medical Center.  In the early 1930’s he, much like many other practitioners of the depression era, was feeling the effects of his patients not paying him for the services he provided to them.  He envisioned an agency that would help him recover his hard earned dollars without using the abusive tactics of the time.

In pursuit of this vision, Dr. Mock promptly recruited his cousin, John T. Mock, who was a credit manager for a department store in Milwaukee.  John accepted the challenge of the collection position and a small cherry wood desk was strategically placed in a tiny alcove in Dr. Mock’s office where John could work rent-free.  In June of 1932, Medical Business Bureau (MBB) was formed.

Over the years the business grew focusing exclusively on the needs of the medical industry.  John recognized the demand for and established a separate Third Party Billing Company, which operated from 1952 to 1989 when it was sold to concentrate on the intricate needs of the Third Party Debt Recovery business.  John understood the need for continuous improvement of the standards of the collection industry and served as president of the MDHBA (Medical-Dental Hospital Business Associates) from 1949-50.

J. Dennis Mock (son of John), sharing the same vision as his father, joined the family business in 1962.  J. Dennis became very involved in the agency and assumed the role as president of MBB in 1974.  J. Dennis was also dedicated to the advancement of the collection and billing industries.  He was instrumental in the development of HBMA (Healthcare Billing and Management Association) and is considered its founders.    J. Dennis also served as president of the Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates (MDHBA) from 1977-78, the Illinois Collectors Association (ICA) from 1986-1987 and the ACA International from 1993-1994.  HBMA, ICA and MDHBA have all named awards in honor of J. Dennis Mock’s contributions to the industry.

Eric D. Mock (son of J. Dennis), third generation, joined MBB in 1991 bringing with him a technology background from the University of Kansas.  In 1997 he earned his position as president of Medical Business Bureau.  Eric’s main executive focus is on operations and overall company vision.  Beyond the focus of the business, Eric is very active in all facets of the medical collection industry.  From 2003-2005, Eric served as president of MDHBA.  He served on the ACA International Holding Board of Directors from 2007-2010 and as president of ICA from 2011-2012.  His most recent roles were as a member of ICA’s special committee working with the City of Chicago to make critical changes to Mayor Emmanuel’s proposed changes to ordinances 4-4-320 and 4-6-160.  He also served on the Medical Debt Advisory Task Force, formed by ACA International and HFMA, in establishing best practices for the fair resolution of patients’ medical bills for the industry.


The landscape for healthcare recovery has changed over the years and MBB has stood the test of time.  In the mid-1990s the majority of the company’s business was working with physician groups and billing companies, but there was a demand for additional services.  In 1996, once again responding to the needs of our clients, a separate company now known as Healthcare Recovery Specialists, LLC (HRS) was formed. This business was created to handle many Early-Out programs such as Pre-Collect, Self-Pay and a niche business of A/R Wind-Downs. MBB and HRS have expanded over the years and is honored to provide its expertise to many Hospitals as well as physician Groups and Billing Companies.

Since its inception, Medical Business Bureau has provided continuous, dedicated, world-class service to physicians, hospitals and other health related industries.  After more than three quarters of a century, MBB has maintained a spotless reputation in the collection industry, and is recognized for the high level of service it provides to the communities it serves. 


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