Your Client Service Team will be headed by a Client Relations Manager who will be the direct link between your management staff and MBB.  We have experienced great success by adapting a pro-active mindset to our approach to client service.  Our Service Team will interact directly with your management and staff during monthly tele-conferences, and quarterly meetings as well. 
We have found that by assertively seeking regular feedback from our clients, and maintaining ongoing efforts and accountability to improve our service through that feedback, we ensure that exceptional Quality & Performance will be provided to you.  
The result is that we are a "user-friendly" agency, focused always on making your job easier.  We are not satisfied with our performance unless over and above our recovery rates, your Patient Account Managers and staff find us to be the most cooperative, professional, efficient, and easy-to-deal-with agency they have ever experienced.
24 hour Client Service Option
iBOT Dylan® is our client services Chat Bot. In any collection operation, some teams respond to client inquiries. Clients also report direct payments and want specific action taken on different accounts like placing a hold on an account.
The caller will be asked to select from a list of options;
·         Status – Current Balance, recent payment information for the account.
·         Hold – The client can request a temporary hold.
·         Close – The client can request that an account be closed.
·         Payment – Allows the client to inform us of a direct payment.
·         Requests – Allows the client to make any inquiries about an account. 


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