CompassEric Mock – President, Owner/Partner and 3rd Generation. Growing up in the industry, he has performed every function within the company. His main executive focus is on operations and overall company vision. Eric joined the company in 1991 and brought with him a Technology background from the University of Kansas. He served on the Board of Directors of MDHBA for over 8 years with a 2-year term as President to oversee some significant transformations that he implemented during his 1st term.  He has served on the Board of Directors for the ACA International Holding Company.  He has chaired several committees for ACA International and is currently chairing the ACPAC Committee. He was on the Task Force led by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), ACA International  and a group of diverse stakeholders including medical providers and consumer advocates in developing "new best practices" to help make paying of medical bills an easier and fairer proposition for consumers. . 
Todd Gillis – Vice President, Owner/Partner. Todd joined the company in 2004 from outside the industry. He comes to us with a long-term background in sales, marketing and manufacturing. His primary responsibility is to manage the sales and marketing efforts of the company. His main philosophy is to make it easy to do business with Medical Business Bureau. If we make it easy on our clients to work with us and perform our job of revenue cycle managment, we should continue the partnership we have with our clients for many years. Todd has a BA from the University of Kansas.
J. Dennis Mock – Vice President of Sales, 2nd Generation until 2004 when he sold part of the business. Still active in sales, Dennis uses his wealth of knowledge to help educate both staff and clients on the market trends. 
Terri Blye – Vice President of Production. Terri joined MBB in 2008 with over 28 years experience in the industry and over 15 years in operations with one of the largest revenue cycle managment companies in the country. Primarily responsible for direction, management and performance of our call center operations.  Terri also serves as MBB's Compliance Officer.
Kim Tolomeo – Vice President of Operations. Kim joined MBB in 1996.  Throughout the years, she has played an integral part in every aspect of our company’s development, while continuing to uphold our Commitment to Excellence in service. Kim handles multiple aspects of our business, but her primary focus is operations management as it relates to providing our clients with the best possible customized service.
Rick Zimmerman  - Director of Sales. Rick joined us in 2004 with over 25 years in revenue cycle management.  He has spent time with several major healthcare organizations on both the operations side of the business and more recently on the sales end.  We enjoy having him on our team. 
Randy Gelb - Director of Business Development.  Randy joined us in February 2011 having spent 19 years in the industry.  He started as a patient representative and worked his way up to patient account manager and more recently Vice President of Production.  Although he was primarily hired for his Business Development skills, his knowledge and experience on the Production side has been a great benefit to MBB and the clients he serves. 


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