Our Services

Medical Business Bureau stands as your foremost partner in optimizing financial health through comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solutions. At the forefront of healthcare financial services, we offer a suite of specialized offerings designed to empower our clients. From Early Out Account Resolution and Healthcare Debt Collection to strategic Debt Purchasing, our tailored services ensure proactive intervention and seamless resolution. Our Self-Pay Management strategies provide transparent billing and flexible payment options, enhancing patient satisfaction and financial outcomes. With proficiency in Insurance Follow-Up and Denial Resolution, we secure timely reimbursements for healthcare providers. Explore our multifaceted services designed to elevate your revenue cycle, streamline operations, and foster financial well-being in the healthcare landscape.

Healthcare Debt Collection & Purchasing Debt

Navigating healthcare debt challenges with our expertise in collection and strategic debt purchasing.


With legal experts strategically positioned nationwide, we can aid you in initiating legal proceedings against individuals or organizations in debt.

Extended Business Office Solutions

We bring order to your revenue cycle, ensuring stability in cash flow and allowing you to focus on crucial tasks.

Early Out Account Resolution

A proactive approach designed to effectively address and resolve outstanding accounts.

Self-Pay Management

Offering versatile payment alternatives to enrich the overall experience for individuals navigating their self-pay responsibilities.

Insurance Follow Up Recovery

Maximize reimbursement processes for healthcare providers with our proficient expertise.

Insurance Denial Resolution

Thoroughly reviewing, addressing, and resolving rejected or denied insurance claims to ensure a swift and effective resolution.