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Consumer Review on BBB April 2018

First is the shock of receiving a bill which you never knew existed. Like many people, following my accident in July, I received several itemized statements from the hospital which said "THIS IS NOT A BILL", and never did receive an actual bill. But, 8 months later I received an unnerving collection notice from MBB. After checking my CreditKarma account, I Realized that the charge (and the business) was valid (I certainly expected to pay something for my broken arm treatment) - I called the phone number on the statement, and waited several rings for someone to answer. The employee, Kyle, was very polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. He took my payment over the phone. I hope I have no more "surprises" in store! *I know it's weird to give a good rating to a company which performs a service that no one likes - however in all fairness, I received good service and have no complaints with their treatment of me as a (reluctant) client.

Review By: Sally J - Submitted: 04/06/2018

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