MBB takes compliance very seriously. We pride ourselves for remaining at the forefront of ever changing legislation. We are continuously educating our entire team on new legislation, regulation and collection techniques.

Our numerous years of prior Healthcare Billing Experience combine with decades of healthcare collection specialization,  along with our involvement in many industry trade associations solidify our dedication to compliance. All of our employees are thoroughly trained in HIPAA, FDCPA and FCRA and many other regulations. We work with our clients to mirror their compliance efforts and ensure that all employees are constantly aware of, educated, trained and compliant with all State and Federal regulations. 

Compliance with HIPAA & FDCPA
At the time of hire, all of our employees complete and must pass training programs for HIPAA and the ACA-FDCPA Essentials. Each employee is required to pledge and sign a HIPAA Privacy & Security Training Acknowledgement form. In addition, newly hired collectors must also complete and pass the FDCPA-ECST training and commit to the ACA International’s Collector’s Pledge prior to any contact with patients.We are highly compliant with HIPAA and Hi Tech, FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA. In addition, our Red Flags program has been in place since the inception of the Red Flags Rule. At MBB, our training never stops. 
Red Flag Rules
Our Identity Theft Prevention Program has been in place since the inception of the Red Flags Rule and is designed to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft. The reach of this program applies to employees, contractors, consultants, temporary workers, service providers, including all personnel affiliated with third parties.
Security Best Practices
MBB security best practices cover far more than just technology. The fundamental balancing issue for most security programs is how much unfettered access will be provided to resources for delivering business results, against business risks and regulatory audit requirements. To achieve optimization, we place more emphasis on governance, because it is nearly impossible for agencies that operate their security programs on an essentially ad-hoc basis to achieve this balance between unfettered access and appropriate access.
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