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A/R Wind-Downs or Clean-Ups

Changing computer systems or billing companies or just need some additional help to catch up on your A/R? We have been handling specialty projects such as these since the mid-1990s through our sister company Healthcare Recovery Specialists (HRS).

HRS was established back in the mid-1990s based on a need for a 3rd Party A/R Wind-Down service. We have handled hundreds of projects (in various different specialties) ranging in size from $100,000 to over $20 Million. HRS founders have been pioneers in the Billing Business since 1960 and are recognized on many levels for their acquired expertise.


Physician groups who are changing billing companies or are just behind on their in-house billing may require the specialty services of HRS to wind-down the old A/R allowing the new billing company to concentrate on the current and more profitable A/R so they do not get behind. In addition, there is a good chance the old A/R is problematic, since there was most likely some type of billing concern, which instituted the need to change companies.  HRS has the experience to work through these problems and provide the Physician group with continued cash flow, while also helping to protect them from any potential legal issues associated with the previous billing function.


Hospitals that are changing billing software or are experiencing backlogs within various Financial Classes may require the services of HRS to bring the A/R current.  HRS has the experience to work remotely on a number of different hospital system platforms or to transfer data to the HRS system electronically and return finished files back to the provider electronically as well. We can customize a program to meet the healthcare provider's needs.

HRS under the MBB umbrella of services to healthcare providers, has built a reputation for success with their state of the art systems and processes, consistently demonstrating positive results.

We offer a Financial Class A/R Wind-Down and a Self-Pay A/R Wind-Down.  For more information on the details of each, please Contact Us and request either or both documents.  If you would like to get started, please fill out our New Client Questionnaire - A/R Wind-Downs and send it back to us.


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“One of the biggest challenges facing a medical practice when it changes billers is the conversion of the “old” accounts receivable.  HRS has taken any concerns with respect to these conversions off the table by providing a complete suite of services to optimize the collections from these old accounts.  I especially like their comprehensive analysis of the Client’s accounts receivable to identify credit balances and to determine the number of accounts that are actually collectible.”
Bo Trotter - MSN
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