Early Out Services 
Pre Collect RGB 

If you are like most healthcare facilities we work with, you struggle with the fine line between serving your patients and maintaining profitability. The dilemma is great: many patients are repeat patients and therefore, there is the need to collect from patients without alienating them.  MBB has been effectively managing this process for over 75 years and we understand the need to generate revenue without generating  complaints (Learn More)

Insurance Follow-Up
Insurance Denial RGBDespite advancements in technology, Insurance Denials seem to be a way of life these days for most healthcare providers. The American Medical Association (AMA) announced June 14th 2010 that 1 in 5 medical claims are processed inaccurately.  (Learn More)
Credit Balance Follow-Up
For many hospitals, Credit Balances can be a problem and if not managed properly can hurt your bond rating or cause problems during audit time.  We are able to use our years of experience to help effectively manage this important, but non-revenue producing aspect of your A/R. (Learn More)
Other Outsourcing Services
We can use our personnel and technology to provide payment reminders, pre-screening of insurance and pre-payment for outpatient and inpatient services as well as post treatment follow up. Specifics based on individual client needs. (Learn More)
Hospital Revenue Cycle Management
Hospital Collections RGBWe provide Early Out Services, Insurance Follow-Up, Credit Balance Follow-Up and A/R Wind-Down services.  (Learn More)
Physician Practice Solutions
Physicians Collections RGBWhether you are doing your billing in house or whether you have hired a specialized Billing Company, MBB provides various services that can help manage your A/R and provide greater net back dollars to your practice. (Learn More)


A/R Wind-Downs or Clean-Ups
AR Wind Down RGBWe have effectively managed A/R Wind-Down or Clean-Up projects in various different specialties ranging in size from $100,000 to over $20 Million. HRS founders have been pioneers in the Billing Business since 1960 and are recognized on many levels for their acquired expertise. (Learn More)


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