Healthcare Recovery Specialists, LLC (HRS) is a highly specialized company designed to flexibly handle various healthcare accounts receivable situations. Since 1997, HRS has established itself as a company capable of effectively aiding various medical institutions and groups in their efforts to properly manage their receivables. The primary focus of this questionnaire is for the purposes of an A/R Wind-down and/or Clean up. HRS has been providing this service since 1997 and we have provided hundreds of A/R Wind-downs across the country. We have done projects ranging from $100,000 to over $20 Million and on several occasions we have been brought in by the courts to provide expert advice and services for Bankruptcy situations.

Many factors and criteria are considered when establishing a fair service fee. Please review, complete, and return the questionnaire below so we can better evaluate the business you plan on placing, and calculate the most reasonable fee for you.

New Client Questionnaire – A/R Wind-Downs

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