Despite advancements in technology, Insurance companies often do not pay promptly and in some cases accurately and denials seem to be a way of life these days for most healthcare providers. The American Medical Association (AMA) announced June 14th 2010 that 1 in 5 medical claims are processed inaccurately, which means that the Health Insurance Industry only has an 80% accuracy rate for processing and paying claims.  MBB understands that hospitals and physician group clients obviously have the personnel to file claims. Unfortunately, when claims are not paid promptly, correctly or have been denied, often there are limited personnel available to research and determine why a claim has not been paid or was denied.  We are here to help you proactively manage the volume of Insurance account follow-up and/or denials and improve cash flow.

Our staff is trained in billing operations for both Physicians and Hospitals and is highly capable of following up on insurance, determining why the claim may not have been paid or was denied originally and correcting the claim to make sure it gets paid.  We have the necessary ability and persistence to resolve most insurance issues.

Think of us as an extension of your staff to use on an ongoing basis or just when you need it.

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